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We are typically an easy-going, accepting, and understanding couple, so to write a negative review is not in our nature. However, based on our experiences with dealing with Mr. Camp, we feel a review is necessary in order to inform others.

Our interaction with Mr. Camp came when we were purchasing a house in the Fall of 2013. We were working with our own real estate agent, but his clients had a house we were very interested in. Like most real estate transactions, our realtor represented us while Mr. Camp represented his clients. Since we fell in love with the house, we decided to move forward in the negotiating process. After a fairly lengthy negotiation, both parties came to agreement for the sale/purchase of the house. At that point, while it had been a stressful process, we were happy that we had the house we wanted all along.

The reason for this negative review is based on the information we found out after the fact. This specifically was a result of information left off the Seller's Disclosure Agreement. When we took possession of the house we noticed that all window treatments (less blinds) were taken, as well as all TV wall mounts and a mounted wall shelf. What was left were holes in the drywall where the hardware had previously been installed; something that looked very nice when moving in. Based on our understanding, these should have been considered fixtures. And since they were not listed as items to be taken on the Seller's Disclosure Agreement and Purchase Agreement, these should have stayed.

The more agregious omission was the "Private Drive Fees". Since we knew that the house was located on a private drive, we had inquired about any fees related to that. Mr. Camp never answered our question and nothing in terms of financial obligation had been listed in the original listing nor the Seller's Disclosure. It wasn't until a discussion with a neighbor after we moved in that we learned there were annual community fees. This is upsetting because it should have been disclosed.

The purpose of this review is to inform others about the lack of attention to detail on Mr. Camp's part. Although Mr. Camp was not our realtor, he was an influencer in the process. We feel that it was his responsibility to ensure this his clients abided to the information in the Seller's Disclosure and Purchase Agreement. He did not; and in turn, they did not. And as a result, we had/will have to go through the process of purchasing window treatments and TV wall mounts that should have stayed in the first place. In addition, we have an annual private drive fee that we were not expecting/planning for.

Above is our caution to prospective clients and/or those associating with Mr. Camp as a realtor.

Thank you for your time in reading this.

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