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Real estate is a land or building on it with all natural resources like crops, minerals and water etc. A persons who acts as an intermediary in the buying and selling of this property is known as real estate agent. Michigan real estate agents are those persons who work in Michigan. Their main purpose is to find buyers who want to buy some property. Some of them also facilitate sellers and help them in finding suitable buyers, so that they can sell their property at best possible rates.

For real estate brokers in Michigan, obtaining license to work in estate industry is very important. There are also many institutions that provide professional courses and trainings regarding work in estate industry. In Michigan real estate sales persons are also very common. They are those persons that work for real estate brokers. The main difference between brokers and salespersons is that a broker can work independently but for salesperson the umbrella of broker is always needed. This also means that salespersons are less responsible for their mistakes as compared to brokers. Sales persons can also become real estate brokers in Michigan by obtaining proper education and training for this purpose.

Michigan real estate agents have to take some specific exams and professional trainings before starting their career in real estate industry. In Michigan, these agents must be eighteen years old and must pass minimum level 3 college real estate agent course. For becoming a Michigan real estate broker, there are 3 main paths. The first one is to complete a degree in estate matters and after that pass broker exams. Degree is a four years program. Second one is to have a two years experience and eight level courses from college plus broker exams. The last one includes broker exams plus a membership from a legal bar. In Michigan, the broker exam is usually more difficult and longer as compared to agent's exam.

The role of any Michigan real estate broker is to make offers or bargaining that help in submitting an application for finance. They are also responsible for all legal processes that are required for buying and selling property. Mostly they help buyer in finding a suitable property.

In short, real estate agents in Michigan deal with customers not only to help them in finding a suitable property but also in all legal and financial matters.

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